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What are spoilers?

When I think of spoiled I think two different things.  The first is that of a spoiled brat child who cries and whines and throws themselves on the floor until they get what they want.  Something that if my sons did would get them nothing and probably punished. 

I also think of spoiled as something rancid or bad.


So I haven't posted in it seems like forever.  Not that there hasn't been anything going in life worth posting about just been in a funk.  I have decided to rant about why I hate fan fiction.  OMG it is like a total drug addiction that I can't kick.  I feel so freaking pathetic right now.  When I first came across fanfic I was like huh? People actually read this stuff.  I can totally understand the writing of it.  The creativity and all that but I was like why would you want to read stuff the author and creator did put out.  WELLLLLL its like karma I made fun and now I can't get enough of it.  It first started out with Harry Potter.  I was so sad to see the story end.  Not that I wasn't satisfied with the series but I still wanted more adventures.  So I found some fics and only read the one shots at first.  I pretty much just read Ron/Hermione stories because the whole series was based on Harry I figured I wanted my fix of Ron.  I am so totally obsessed with him.  I only read one shots because I didn't think multi-chaptered fics would be any good.  After I devoured the one shots I said to myself lets see what these multi-chaptered fics are about.  SO I then only read the ones that were complete.  I found some great ones and then I got to the works in progress. 

I am now totally addicted to fanfics.  I have been reading a work in progress since September and the author updates regularly weekly and every week I go back for more with anticipation.  Now to top it all off I am totally addicted to Twilight fanfic.  Edward is my new drug of choice though I definately still go back to get a hit of Ron all of the time.  I have a bunch of WIP that I am constently waiting to be updated and it is driving me nuts.

I so admire the talents of the fanfic writers out there. Some of there stories I like better then the original cannon that the author has created.  Its just amazing.  I do know that I am not the only addict out there.  I am contemplating staring a 12 step program for the addiction because my husband is starting to think that my laptop is now a permanent fixture on my body.  Go figure.

Another Week

Well another week has come and gone.  Things at work are okay.  Found out my principal is resigning  in the summer and moving back to Rhode Island this summer.  He got a great opportunity and I new he didn't intend to stay in NY much longer but I am sorry to see him go.  He wasn't the greatest principal I ever worked for but he let me run the library the way I want and pretty much left me alone which was great.  I will be looking for another job closer to home but hey whatever.  Not the first school I ever worked for nor the principal I worked for so no big deal.  I am a good worker so I should have any problems.

Wend to B&N today bought a bunch of books for the library with the profits from the book fair.  It was fun looking though the store with a couple of hundred dollars that I could spend that didn't  cost me a thing :)

I applied for beta at tqpabout two weeks ago, finished the test and all that and haven't heard back.  I am thinking I didn't do as well as I thought.  We will see.

I have been feeding my new addiction Twilight.  Can't wait for the movie to come out in December although I bet it will be like watching a Harry Potter film with me mumbling thats wrong, thats wrong.  I know that will annoy my husband to no end. :grin:  I keep hearing and reading how it will be better then HP yadda yadda yadda.  Its funny casue while I love both series to me they are apples and oragnes.  They are both fantasys with a young target audience but that is where the similarities end IMHO.  Twilight is a romance plain and simple, with some serious drama thrown in there.  HP has some romance in it but to me it is an epic adventure.  Well I guess the media will use whatever tacktics they can to stir up the waters.  Whatever.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

New Addiction

Well haven't posted in awhile real life has been a bit crazy.  Last week at work I was running the book fair.  It wasn't as successful as last years but we did manage to make some money for the school library which I get to spend :) which is great.  But I found a new addiction at the book fair.  I know most of you hear have already read the Twiligh series.  I have been meaning to read the books for the longest time but haven't been able to get into them.  DOn't know why.  I think I was still suffereing from Harry Potter withdrawl.  Well thank goodness for the book fair becasue the whole series was there and I decided that during the quiet times when there were no customers I would give the books another try. OMG---I am absoultely in love with Edward Cullen.  Thank goodness he is a vampire and not really 17 years old (LMAO can't believe I am saying this about a fictional character) but at least I am not thinking like a child molester he is over a hunderd LOL.  I read all three books in three days and then proceeded to reread Twilight and Eclipse.  While I liked New Moon it didn't hit me as much as the other two.  I can't wait for number four to come out and then in 2009 Twilight from Edwards perspective.  That should be great to read.  I still haven't decided whether or not I like Bella.  I want to really smack her around especially after the whole Jacob/Bella/Edward triangle thingy.  So how many of you are Twilight fans? What do you think will happen in book four.  Would love to hear some ideas.


Friday---Doing the happy dance of joy

Wow I am so glad that today is Friday. It so wasn't a pleasant week at work. One the of the worst things to deal with when you are a teacher is... OTHER TEACHERS. Yes the kids can drive you crazy at times and maybe even to drink at other times but at least they have an excuse... They are KIDS!!   I swear the adults I work with are less mature then the students. I so don't have the patience for that. Anyway at least I have the weekend to recover with laundry, cleaning, etc... Then next week l am running the book fair so that should be exciting.

 Well! just finished the beta test for the quidditchpitch. Let me tell you that was no joke. I think I did okay with Brit Speak, Grammer, Puctuation and Canon. I am not to sure about the passage part. I am hoping my comments were constructive enough now I have to wait and see. I hate waiting.

Finally I would like to congratulate everyone on my first who  were nominated for the rhr_awards. I really enjoyed reading the fic and the art just blew me away. It was hard to vote for just one. I am glad  maple_mahogany's Cry ptograph won. I love that story. It brings a smile to my face every time I read it. As for Solstice Muse ( [info]oncelikeshari) winning best over all author. My comment to her was while she didn't write much Ron/ Hermione last year what she wrote was BRILLIANT !! I am so glad she was nominated cause that is how I found her fics!  I am thrilled that Never Enough and redblaze's More Then Memories won - Awesome. Two of my favorites. I am hoping MTM's gets an update I am starting to suffer from withdrawl after awhile LOL.Hmm, the art whatland say about the art bloody breathtaking. lillywmw, reallycorking, mudblood428, and everyone else who had art work posted I salute you. I so envy all those talented artist. I wish I could learn to draw like that. Well its after one in the morning so I guess I'll turn in for the night. 
 So today another Monday and it didn't actually suck....HURRAY

Work---I really love my job and I really hate my job.  I sometimes wonder if that is the reason I am insane.  The main reason I love my job are the kids.  The kids in my school are great.  They really know how to make a person feel good and laugh.  I have a couple of interns who work in my library.  They can be some of the biggest pain in the asses in the school.  Fortunately we really get along and anything I ask them to do for me gets done.  Usually done well, with a joke or two thrown in to get me to laugh.  Today my two new library shelves came in but little did I know they had to be put together.  Well come to my aide my internes.  We have the shelves put together and in place within an hour.  Besides that I go to hear all the crude humor while they were screwing in the screws.  Teenage boys are always HORNY and always have sex on their mind.  Screwing really helped to amplify that. SO for an hour all I did was laugh---I kept having to remind myself that I was the grown up and I was not allowed to participate in the conversation.  I think they like the fact that I think they are funny and don't get annoyed with them.  The few times I have let my temper show they either know they have gone to far and apologize or know something is the matter and give me space or ask if I need anything.  I love those kids.

I have decided that oncelikeshariis my soulmate.  If I weren't straght and married I would stalk her.  It is a bit frightening.  I really wised I live in England or could afford to go there, or she lived here in NY or could come here, becasue I would truely love to meet the genius who created Ron in all of those amazing fics.  I am totally in love with her Ron and can completely relate to him.  For awhile I thought that her Ron in EMMS was me.  I so OVERTHINK every little thing and I swear there are days when it will drive me to drink.  RIght now I am reading LIP from Ron's point of view and it is great.  So Shari you have a sqealing fan in me and I am not to embarrassed to admit to it. :blush:

I am also please to say that I finally took the plunge and applied as a beta on tqp. Lets see if they want me.  


What's worse then PMS??

 I will tell you whats worse KNOWING you have it and not being able to control your damn mood swings.  I know I am PMSing.  Eveything pissed me off today.  I was in a terrible state at work.  Wanted to kill someone and to be totally honest nothing extremely horrible happened to warrent such feelings.  Its just every little thing annoyed me to no end.


I teach a tenth grade advisory.  It is a class of 15 and 16 year old boys.  So we were talking about gangs and the like trying to get them to understand that gangs are not the way to go. Some how the conversation led to fear and respect.  One of the things that boggled my mind is that these kids think fear and respect are the same thing.  We had a decent discussion about it but they can't grasp that they are truely very different concepts.  Since this is a rough neighborhood in NY the kids equate fear with being weak.  I want to try and get through their thick skulls that being afraid of something doesn't make you weak, fear isn't respect and you can repect someone without fear.  I am afraid I may have my work cut out for me.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.


Hope everyone has a good weekend and a happy easter.


A List...

Well Jen you were wrong you were the last person to this lol.

1. I've come to realize that my ex... is an ass and that is why I only dated him for three weeks.  Married the man who was my one and only real boyfriend :)
2. I am listening to... my sons who should be sleeping right now.  Soon the will be listening to me yell GO TO BED!!!
3. I talk...a lot but I am also a good listener.
4. I love... My family, job, and laptop.
5. My best friends... help me keep my sanity.
6. My first real kiss... was not that great---kind of messy and yech
7. I lost my virginity... when I was 21.
8. I hate it when people... think they  know everything when they really now nothing
9. Love is... what makes me wake up in the morning.
10.Marriage is...work, but it really is worth it.
11.Somewhere, someone is thinking... she reallyb is NUTS!
13.I have a secret crush on... Ron
14.The last time I cried was because... My mother and I had a huge fight ---she is just so stubborn
15.My cell phone... downstairs and I don't care.
16.When I wake up in the morning... I curse the alarm clock
17.Before I go to sleep at night... I check my email and read fanfic.
18.Right now I am thinking about... how I really would like to take a long vacation
20.I get on LiveJournal... so I can connect with others like me.
21.Today, I... took the day off from work--it was my baby's eleventh birthday
22.Tonight, I will... see some old friends
23.Tomorrow, I will... go back to work and the million other things I have to do
24.I really want... go on a date with my husband
25.The person most likely to repost this is... Well I don't htink there is anyone left to do this


So, Do Monday's Really Suck???

Wellllll, another Monday has come and hopefully will be gone soon.  I hate to think that I have all the Monday drama and have only myself to blame becasue if you think something is going to suck----it will.  While today was Monday it didn't TOTALLY suck, but it sure as hell wasn't that good.  

Went to work---am totally frustrated there.  It is so weird to be in a job that I love, working with pretty great kids, who seem to like me, and yet be so damn FRUSTRATED.  I can't seem to catch up with my work.   I have had to put a ban on myself and not allow myself to read fanfic at work casue what ends up happening is that is all I do and then can't catch up with my work.  So now besides being behind in my work (which needless to say is my total fault and I should  be allowed to complain about it.)  I am so suffering throughout the day from Ron withdrawl.  Which is really pathetic.  I promised myself that I would only be allowed to read fanfic at home after dinner and homework is done.  And probably after the kids are in bed so I don't ignor them.  I will only allow myself to read fanfic at work if I get an email saying one of the many favorites of mine have been updated.  Not allowed to reread old favorites or search for new ones UNLESS I am on lunch. Yeah right lets see how long I hold on to that.

Right now the kids are in bed. HURRAY--helped Jason finsih his science fair project which is due tomorrow.  Talk about waiting til the last minute.  But I did make his dad help him with the experiment over the weekend.  I totally love my children but I am tired of helping when it  comes to homework.  It like well mom is the teacher so she will help you.  DOn't get me wrong, I will help but hey dad get off your fat ass on the weekends and help too.  Its freaking 7th and 5th grade homework you can do it I have faith in you.  His excuse is your a teacher you can explain it better.  My reply--your were a landscaper and I have a backyard full of dead stuff, know you work as a school custodian and my house isn't clean so if we live by your standards our kids should NEVER do homework.  He doesn't like that arguement.  I love my husband but he really has it good.  He works evennings from 2 in the afternoon until either 11 at night or 1 in the morning.  He then is home all day BY HIMSELF.  I am NEVER home alone, or to be fair RARELY.  I leave for work at 6:45 am come home around 5 start dinner then go pick the kids up from the after school center to make sure dinner and the kids are at the table at 6 casue he has a dinner break from 6-7 and gets to come.  Thati s quality family time which I would give up for the world.  It really is great to have dinner together.  Then he goes back to work and I have to make sure homework is done, the DREADED reading is done, showers are taken and everything is ready for the morning.  I really at this time should do laundry and clean but I am to freaking tired.  By the time the kids are in bed it is ten and all I want to do is sit in front of the computer and read some FF.  

I am glad that many people commented on my post of fics and reccomend a bunch that I had never read before.  I am reading Believe that Magic Works and Daddy's Little Girl.  DLG--is kind of pissing me off cause I reallllly want to know why R/Hr are so angry with each other.  I am sure I will find out soon.  As for BTMW--I like the fact that it is from Ron's point of view, and so far I am enjoying it.  

Well not sure if Monday's really suck or I just do it to myself.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Posting Fool---Favorite Fanfics

Okay I am creating a second post casue this one has absoulutely nothing to do with work---except how I destress after a long and agrivating day. FANFIC!!! What are some of your favorite fanfics out there.  I have so many of them it is hard to keep track sometimes. 

I am a Ron/Hermione shipper all the way.  I pretty much only read those kind of fics.  I like the fluffy romatic stuff, but if I am completely HONEST with myself I so much like the angsty dark fics so much more.  I am obsessed with big, strong, kick your ass Ron.  There just aren't enough of those out there.  Soime of my favorite WIPs are : Never Enough, More then Memories, Fire and Ice,  Remember Me,  Before the Dawn, The Onset of Autumn,  Now or Never, just to name a few.   I tell you when those fics get updated I literaly squeal with delight-it is so embarrasing to be caught doing this.

Now my list of favorite completed fics is pretty damn long.  There is Very Bad Things---this one has almost everything I want, really kick ass Ron, Draco getting what he deserves EFG, passion and great smut.  I just wish there was more.  Now and Then is another fic that totally floored me.  It is on the Quidditch Pitch and is a really disturbing subject matter which was brilliantly done.  WIthin These Walls a 51 chapter fic I devoured in a day.  ( I read at work don't tell my boss), The Bonded series--I really like this one, while parts one and two were smutty and fluffy Bonded had all the elements I like smut, romance, and darkness.  Timeless was great.  It was an unusal concept that went above and beyond.  Unfortunately one that I really liked was Rebirth and that was abandoned--sigh. I don't know if I will recover from that.

I think I have a real dark soul casue I am really into the dark fics, but that doesn't mean I don't like the sighter ones just as much.  Hesitation, Home for the Holidays, Its My Life, They Were Wrong, Graduation Day (and Night), Please Remember Me, There's A Difference, Through The Mirror, Deuces Wild, Twelve Fail Safe Ways---the list can go on and on....

When I first started reading fanfic I only read oneshots.  But now it seems I only really like multichaptered fics.  But I do have my favorite one shots out there so I don't want to neglect them. Self-Restraint, Not Quite Midnight, Paths of Penance, A Pain Worse then Any Other, Fate (this one just took my breathe away, so did Foward Motion, In the Orchard was just so sweet and put a smile on my face, Fever,  Sugar Quill Deluxe, Candlelight....

Well now if you read through all of this these fics can be found on Checkmated.com, Simpleyundeniable.com, and thequidditchpitch.org.  But what I really want to know what are some your favorite fanfics out there---and if you are a Ron/Hermione shipper like me can you reccomend some to me that I might have missed???